184 W Belleview Ave Porterville CA 93257 Phone: 559-781-0107

" There are many men with the sincere desire to achieve sobriety and to regain good citizenship who need the help a halfway house can give."
- Clarence Barker (founder), 1965

The PAAR Center

The PAAR Center is a non-profit, community oriented, facility designed to treat those struggling with addiction so they may live meaningful, productive lives without the use of alcohol and drugs and is licensed by the State of California Department Alcohol and Drug Programs.

For our residents who desire to learn and live in sobriety, the PAAR Center provides a home-like atmosphere. All basic needs are taken care of. Good, well-balanced meals, comfortable beds, recreational/community activities, and a safe living environment allow our residents to focus on their treatment and becoming clean and sober.

The PAAR Center provides a program to successfully treat addiction and lead its residents, who truly seek a life of sobriety, to recovery. Simply put, our program is AA/NA centered, supplemented with educational media, lectures, and group classes. These resources give our residents the tools to understanding, treating, and ultimately overcoming the complex disease of addiction.

What We Provide

Through its multitude of programs the PAAR Center offers:

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Detoxification Community Outreach
A Residential Treatment Environment Intensive Outpatient Treatment Famliy Education and Awareness Groups
Anger Management Courses Domestic Violence Counseling and Treatment Stress Management Courses
Medication Awareness Groups Problem Solving Groups Self-Help Groups

Who Can Be a Resident

Everyone who makes an appointment for an evaluation will be considered for admitance into the PAAR Center. The guidlines for acceptance into the program are the same for everyone regardless of race, age, sex, national origin, or handicap unless otherwise restricted by licensing. Payment for the program is either through self-pay or by insurance and available on a sliding scale.